Does Chantix-Champix Cause Weight Gain?

Everybody knows that weight gain is one of the many withdrawal symptoms of quit smoking. Along with feeling very irritable, being depressed, and going through erratic mood swings, you are bound to gain weight right at the moment you decided to stop smoking. This is primarily because your metabolism has changed and your body is somehow getting more resistant to your efforts on losing weight.

Unfortunately, Chantix-Champix can’t claim that it would promote weight loss while getting rid of your body’s nicotine supply. What Chantix can do is to control the inevitable withdrawal symptoms while it works in curbing your craving for cigarettes. Chantix works two ways. First, it replaces the nicotine in your brain receptors with an entirely different substance called Varenicline.

This substance actually works like nicotine but it is not addictive at all. Therefore, you get the same type of pleasure minus the ill effects. The other way Chantix works is to address the withdrawal symptoms of smoking. Along with all the effects of suddenly blocking nicotine in the brain, it tries to address the weight gain issue associated to quit smoking.

And so if you take Chantix as an aid, the higher are the chances that you won’t be gaining weight at all.

The moment you decide to stop smoking is the moment you should expect the withdrawal symptoms to arise. As such, you can expect that you will gain weight through the whole effort of cutting smoking out of your system.

However if you do it with Champix, you won’t have to go through weight gain. And if ever you would gain some weight, it would be minimal. If you were lucky enough, you would retain the weight that you are currently in throughout the whole quit smoking program with Chantix.

If you have tried to quit smoking but are getting frustrated about the whole thing, chances are your choice of a program, medication, or therapy, are not working. And the lack of a definite quit smoking program would lead to failure half of the time. If in case you do have a program to follow but for some reason it doesn’t work for you, then the reason behind it is usually the fact that the withdrawal symptoms are getting the most out of you.

With Chantix, you don’t have to worry about such withdrawal symptoms. You will experience relief from smoking minus weight gain, feeling irritable, being depressed, and going through mood swings. Isn’t that the better option than all of the quit smoking programs today?