Five Reasons Smokers Are Using The New Chantix Pill Treatment To Quit Smoking

Because of the increased awareness of the health costs related to smoking and because the taxes and social restrictions on smoking are becoming greater, more smokers are seeking ways to quit smoking now than ever. However, smoking is still one of the most difficult addictions to break.

Nicotine has been shown to be more addictive than heroin and cocain. With this in mind, the people at Pfizer developed the new drug Chantix that approaches smoking cessation in a new and more effective way than any other treatment program.

Here are 5 reasons why smokers are using the new Chantix Pill treatment to quit smoking: 

1. You can keep smoking until you feel it begin working. You’ll know it’s working within 24 hours, but you aren’t required to quit smoking until after the first week of getting Chantix into your system. People who want to quit smoking note that easing off of nicotine is the most desirable method of quitting. Most other treatments require the smoker to quit cold turkey. Chantix let’s you quit when you feel like it and actually helps you feel like it.

2. It doesn’t contain nicotine. Nicotine gum and other cigarette substitutes only switch the addiction form. This doesn’t help much at all to break the shackles of nicotine addiction. When a smoker is on nicotine gum, he is still addicted to the drug and must struggle to break the habit. Smoking is more than a nicotine fix, however. It’s the nicotine fix combined witht he ritual that makes smoking such a stress releiver. Chewing gum becomes just partly satisfying and the smoker soon returns to what is fully satisfying – puffing on a cigarrette.

3. It takes away your craving for nicotine. Chantix does something completely different. It blocks the effects of nicotine so that the brain slowly stops expecting a dopamine boost. Once cigarettes no longer are identified with such a positive reinforcement, the brain stops looking for its nicotine fix and finally, in time, is free from the craving altogether.

4. It helps keep you from gaining weight. The inhibitors in Chantix are not meant to help stop weight gain, but the effect on the brain is similar in either case. When a person eats, dopamine is released and the sense of pleasure is attained. Chantix seems to help curb even the appetite for food while quitting smoking. This is something that is being investigated and we might see a form of Chantix on the market in the future aimed at the weight loss market. This is not to say that Chantix helps you lose weight. It simply curbs your cravings while you are quitting smoking.

5. It works. The success rate of Chantix is through the roof. Testimonials after testimonial attests to this fact. Clinical trials showed Chantix was dramatically more effective at treating the smokers addiction that a placebo. If you havent’ already, you will probably soon hear from a friend or family member who gave Chantix a try and succeeded at quitting smoking. Why not be the first?

Smoking is the leading cause of preventable health problems in the world. This isn’t a theory anymore. This is a proven fact. Some people live well into their old age while smoking, but this is not the rule. These are the exception and there is no good reason to believe you will be one of these lucky folks. You’d have a better chance winning the lottery than avoiding health problems if you’re a smoker. There is no better time than now to buy Chantix and give it a try.