Signs Of Nicotine Addiction

Nicotine addiction is a medical disease. It is a health concern you should address immediately. That is what you get for smoking five packs of cigarettes everyday. Whenever you smoke, nicotine goes directly to your brain. As it travels and interferes with your brain functions, you feel some sort of a short-term pleasure. And your body gets attached to that feeling. That’s why you end up puffing another stick of cigarette even if you try hard not to.
Your body craves for nicotine. Your brain tells you that it wants more nicotine.

Now, how strong is your will power against these strong forces?

Nicotine dependency has to be addressed by medical means and not by the virtue of pure will.

Nicotine can be classified as an addictive drug. As such, you have to undergo treatment therapy in order to finally stop smoking. Nicotine addiction is actually 1000 times more addictive than alcohol.

Compared to barbiturates, it is 100 times more potent. It is also more harmful than the effects of illegal drugs, such as morphine and cocaine, to as much as 10 times.

A person who is addicted to nicotine experiences mood swings, loss of concentration, and poor performance. Nicotine is a very fast acting drug that can affect you almost instantly. Eventually, you will experience strains in your family relations, job, and social life. Your mood swings would affect your family the most.

And because you can’t concentrate in your job anymore, your boss will give you poor evaluation performance. You’ll be out of your job if you continue that attitude.

But more than these things, you should be concerned about the health effects of smoking. By smoking a stick of cigarette everyday, you are slashing away 15 minutes of your life.

This is due to the fact that you are exposing yourself to the risks of lung cancer, bronchitis, tuberculosis, and emphysema. These diseases are very common to smokers.

You have to stop nicotine addiction while you can still can. The longer you smoke, the harder it is to get rid of the habit. And because you have been dependent on the drug too long, your body would also experience severe withdrawal symptoms if you merely stop smoking without any assistance from the experts.

The withdrawal symptoms of smoking include irritability, panic, depression, sweating, and mouth ulcers. These symptoms could last you for several months. And after the symptoms subside, you would experience the urge to smoke again.

Don’t believe people who say you can simply quit smoking with enough will power. You need effective medicines and supplements in order to finally quit smoking.

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