Why And How Chantix Works

Chantix is a quit smoking drug that has an effect that can be regarded as entirely different from other drugs of its type. Its main ingredient is the Varenicline, which is a kind of salt.

Research had shown that Varenicline works just like the way nicotine does. Nicotine is the substance smokers are addicted to. It is also the element that has to be removed from their system in order to totally quit smoking. Whenever you smoke, nicotine travels from the stick of your cigarette into your brain. Once there, it binds with receptor cells. When that happens, the brain’s pleasure cells are activated.

This is exactly what happens inside your body as you smoke. It is also the reason why you simply can’t stop smoking just like that. Your brain becomes too addicted to the substance.

Here is where Chantix comes. And because Chantix’s main ingredient Varenicline works just like nicotine, it can replace that very substance in the brain. Chantix can work as an agonist.

When Varenicline gets attached to the receptor cells of the brain, it enjoys the same pleasure smoking brings( Studies made by Pfizer show: At the end of 12 weeks of CHANTIX (CHAMPIX), 44% were able to quit smoking, Chantix blocks nicotine entirely from the brain’s receptors.

By doing so, the addictive substance nicotine is slowly eliminated from the body. And that’s primarily because you are smoking less and less by taking Chantix regularly.

Your brain is not asking you to have a puff of smoke because the Varenicline in Chantix keeps it at bay. Your brain thinks that it is enjoying a good round of nicotine. But in reality, it is getting pleasure from an entirely different substance that is not addictive at all.

This is precisely how Chantix-Champix works. Once the brain gets addicted to nicotine, there’s no turning back. It is because the brain would work to tell the body that it wants nicotine. And then your body starts to crave for the substance.

If you control yourself and fail to give your brain a good dose of nicotine nerve wrecking side effects such as irritability, depression, weight gain, and mood swings would occur. These side effects are also referred to as the smoking withdrawal effects. It’s a good thing that Chantix keeps the brain happy while you work your way to totally stop smoking. Things would get much easier for you because the body will stop its own craving for nicotine. With your brain not asking you to smoke, you don’t have to puff another cigarette for reasons that you can’t control it.

By taking Chantix, all you really need is will power to get rid of your smoking habit.